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Reliability Presented by Third Group: Dewi Mariani Kurrotul Ainiyah Rahmah Hidayatul Amini Ringe Ringe Preshqoury Limantain Definition of Reliability Reliability is the degree to which a test consistently measures whatever it measures. Reliability is the extent to which an experiment, test, or any measuring procedures show the same result on repeated trials. Without the agreement of the independent… Read More »


Validity Presented by: Anisa Rahmadhani Ahmad Rizky Septiadi Irfan Rinaldi Bimantara Lydia Anggraini Norlaila Hayani Defination of Validity A test is valid if it measures accurately what it is intended to measure. Types of Validity Content Validity Criterion-related Validity Construct Validity Validity in Scoring Face Validity 1. Content Validity The test content is a representative sample of the… Read More »

Kinds of Test and Testing

Kinds of Test and Testing Presented by: Ahmad Sahiba Dewi Aprila kartika Kurniawan Dwi H Maulida Septy noor amalia Contents of slide: Proficiency tests Achievements tests Diagnostic tests Placements tests Direct and indirect testing Discrete point and integrative testing Norm-referenced and criterion- referenced testing Objective testing and subjective testing   Proficiency tests Proficiency tests are designed to measure… Read More »